About Us

New Generation Approaches in Residential and Commercial Projects...Paşhan İnşaat offers luxury, comfort, safe and quality life for you...

As Paşhan İnşaat, we are moving forward to the future with the awareness of responsibility that comes from gaining the appreciation and trust of our employees, all our business partners and our people in all sectors we serve. With the projects it implements, Paşhan İnşaat both overlaps with the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility approach and adds new values ​​to it.

Paşhan İnşaat is a whole with its employees and its values. The primary responsibility of our company is to create value for all its stakeholders by acting in accordance with its vision and mission, and to create a respectable and exemplary corporate culture with its behavior and principles. Determination to succeed, honesty and transparency, customer satisfaction, globalization and contribution to society are the driving forces of Paşhan İnşaat's core values ​​and corporate strategy. Our company, which has rooted its corporate reputation in customer satisfaction and trust, aims to respond to the needs of the future today by constantly supporting its years of experience and knowledge with new technologies.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision; To create high-performance human resources who are open to learning, development and sharing, who embrace corporate values, to utilize all the competencies as our capital and to prepare an environment that provides long-term cooperation.

It is a fact that in our developing and rapidly growing country, the understanding of urbanism is experiencing pains of being reflected in the construction and life in our metropolitan cities. If we start from this fact, we need to decide what we can do and in what range we will be.

To exist in a distorted infrastructure during the change process or to create the roof of the structure with a new urbanism approach and not compromise on quality with this format? We want to gain continuous momentum in the dynamic and changing sector with the effort and excitement of creating a principled and prudent structure without compromising its principles. We, too, want to take our place in the developing and growing family that has created a family with its employees.

Our Quality Policy

Pashan Construction; It is a whole with its employees and the values ​​it maintains in line with its quality policies. Our main responsibility is to act in accordance with our vision and mission, to add value to all our stakeholders, and to be a respected and exemplary organization with our behavior and principles.

The corporate values ​​that we will have and always observe will make a difference for our group, and therefore our employees, in the environments we operate in.

Continuity of our success depends on doing our part to uphold these values ​​in our daily work and in all the decisions we make.